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Sodium Acetate

The anhydrous Sodium Acetate is traditionally used in various industries such as food, cosmetic, plastic, petroleum, medical & pharmaceutical as a buffering agent. Apart from the above mentioned uses, sodium acetate is also widely used in electroplating as an agent, tanning industry as a washing salt and photography to decelerate the color photographs The multipurpose Sodium Acetate Solution is also helpful in controlling the ph level of the food items. We are leading Industrial Chemical Supplier in India Our Anhydrous Sodium Acetate is prepared under safe conditions to assure high quality and purity. Every Bag of Sodium Acetate Concentrates is packed by our quality assurance system.

Packaging Details :
  • 25/50 Kg Bags

Demanded By :
  • Textiles
  • Dyestuff
  • Pharmaceuticals


Cas No : 127-09-3
Molecular Formula CH3COONa
Molecular Mass 82
Appearance White Crystal
Density 1.45
pH 8.23
Assay 95% (On Dry Basis)
Physical & Chemical Property Hydroscopic & Buffer.
Solubility 76 gm/100mls water @ 0oC
Free Alkali 0.5 %
Free Acid 0.7%
Insoluble Matter 1.5%
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