How Much Hand Sanitizer Is Excessive?

Posted by Admin on December, 14, 2020

Have you kept count of the times that you keep touching your face and mouth with your bare hands? Your hands are the major transmitter of diseases in times of Covid-19. No wonder, why hand hygiene is of prime importance to keep the spread of infectious diseases at bay. A lot has been preached about hand sanitizers routinely in such times.
But is excessive hand sanitizer good for your health? And how much hand sanitizer is too much?

Hand Sanitizer and How Does it Work?
Hand sanitizers are alcohol-based solutions in the form of foam, gel, and liquid form that gets the pathogen killed, which exists on your hands. The major ingredient present in the hand sanitizer is ethanol, propanol, and isopropyl alcohol. The proteins are broken down into pathogens by the alcohols, and the cellular metabolism is disrupted and the cells are split into various pieces.

Using Hand Sanitizers in the Best Possible Way

Get a quarter portion dollop of hand sanitizer on your hands. You can go through the mentioned instructions on the bottle of hand sanitizer before purchasing them from the sanitizer exporter Ahmedabad.
• For 20 seconds, keep rubbing your hands.
• Dry your hands full.
• You can use the hand sanitizer once every hour unless your activity needs you to apply the same more frequently.

The Myriad Benefits of Hand Sanitizer
• The hand sanitizer is pocket friendly and can be placed at your study.
• Hand sanitizers are effective in quickly killing microbes.
• Hand sanitizers take lesser time than handwashing.
• The hand sanitizers cause lesser irritation on the skin than the normal soap and water.

Choosing the Hand Sanitizer Rightly
Choosing hand sanitizers with about 70% alcohol. According to doctors, alcohol is the best germicide that operates by having microbial proteins denatured. Henceforth, insufficient concentrations aren’t effective. Keep away from products that promise to contain sufficient substitute disinfectant ingredients.

How Long Does the Effectiveness of Hand Sanitizer Stay?
Hand sanitizers comprising of 70% alcohol can get 99% of the bacteria killed in only 30 seconds post-application and about 99.99% of the bacteria killed in only 1 minute. The effect begins earlier. 70% of alcohol gets evaporated in the maximum time and gets the microbes killed. The alcohol in higher doses quickly evaporates, while the lower doses have a slower evaporation rate, but they are also powerful in having the microbes killed.

What Is the Expiry Date of Hand Sanitizer?
The hand sanitizers expire usually after 3 years from the manufacturing date. The alcohol evaporates from the sanitizer and the concentration comes down below 60%, making it ineffective at germ killing.

Preferring Hand Sanitizers Over Soap
The viruses and other such pathogens comprise of lipids layer, which assists in getting the body attached to the surface. When you wash your hands with simple water and soap, the lipid layer gets washed away. While washing hands is effective to get the germs killed, at times when soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizers from the sanitizer wholesale supplier in Ahmedabad are your safest bet.

The hand sanitizers can serve up as your saviors and can prevent the pathogen spread. The alcohol present in the hand sanitizers helps in the breakdown of cells and the bacteria’s cell metabolism. Always use hand sanitizers in time to prevent all types of bacteria and germ related diseases.

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