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Potassium Acetate

Today, we are counted among the topnotch Potassium Acetate Manufacturers in the national and international markets. The Potassium Acetate is widely used in fire extinguishers and as a food additive. Crystalline Potassium Acetate is also utilized in mixtures for tissue preservation and fixation. Our Potassium Acetate is an outcome of multi level processing to ensure the finest quality of end product. We are considered as a leading chemical supplier in India, also offering Potassium Formate. The product is well packed and is available at reasonable prices.


Applications Drilling, Dyestuff, Pharmaceuticals
Formula CH3CO2K
Molar mass 98.15 g/mol
Solubility in methanol 24.24 g/100 g (15 °C); 53.54 g/100 g (73.4 °C)
Solubility in sulfur dioxide 0.06 g/kg (0 °C)
Acidity (pKa) 4.76
Heat capacity (C) 109.38 J/mol·K

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Packaging Details 25 Kg Bags/ 250 Kg Plastic Drums

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