Benzyl Benzoate BP

Benzyl Benzoate BP


CAS Number 120-51-4
Molecular Weight 212.25 g mol - 1
Molecular Formula C6H5COOCH2C6H5
Batch No. 04/01/02/2017
Date of Manufacturing: FEB-2017 Date Of Expiry: JAN-2020
Assay (by acidimetric, after saponification) 99.0-100.5%
Appearance White & colorless oily liquid
Solubility 4.2.% in 100ml
Identification A+BC Pass test
Relative density (d 200/40) 1.118-1.120
Color APHA < 59
Storage Store in an airtight, well-filled container, protected from light. Store away from oxidizing agents.
Water % less than 0.5% (1.113-1.118)
Acidity Not more than 0.2 ml is required to change the color of the indicator to pink
Free acid Max.0.05%
Solidification point Min.180 °c
Sulfated ash Max.0.05 %

Analysed By : Hardik Patel


Approved By : Mehul Shah


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